Christs Love


For there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus

thinking like Christ is a requirement believers have to undergo to make the nesecessary changes in life to become new creatures in Christ to eventually come Christ-like people like to believe all different things and I myself have been a part of it to understand the undying grief of needing a savior. Christ is my savior, King and God.


Good reads

i’m currently reading Marco Polo by Laurence Bergreen and diving into the life and times of Marco Polo himself. Such an interesting figure throughout history someone who traveled from Vience to Xandu and lived with Mongol Warriors for years. Finding different treasures and such along the way kept Marco going further and his deepest treasure turns out to be wisdom which he gains so much of during his travels. This book I’d recommend to anyone and its a good read so far.


Reading a book called Pascal about the life, letters, and different views of the legendary Blaise Pascal who rocked the scientific world in the 16th century. This book brings a lot of Pascal’s life into view both historically and biographically. This in-depth look at who Pascal was and what his life was about in each sector of his being illuminates us the reader on who Pascal was, and who he intended to be.


Today is the day of Salvation!

Today is also my birthday, and I am enjoying it at the age of 22. I am currently writing a series of novels, and some poetry is going to be released. Check it out when you can!

What shall we say to these things? If God be for us who can be against us. Romans 8:31



Writing is something that comes very natural to me and I write to inspire others and help people understand life. The Bible tells us that life is essentially meaningless but that Eternity is where we will find real peace and joy that is unending. Finding contentment in life can be a difficult task but for me writing and inventing have completely taken over. I recently wrote some articles that were called awful for a professional company but I realize that is a part if life the learning experience. Although my writings may not be the best I still thoroughly enjoy doing so and by the Might and Power of the Spirit.